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Our job is to make sure you car is running safe on the open road. We do almost all the same services that your local dealership would. Jobs that we do daily consist of:

Oil Change
Belts (Timing, A/C, and Serpentine)
Emission Failures (We no longer are a part of the waiver system)
75, 90, 95, 105k services
Tune-ups (Spark Plugs, Air & Cabin Air Filter Change, Wire Sets, Points)
Tire Plugs
Transmission Service
Window Regulators
Seat Belts
Light Bulbs (Head Lights, Back-up Lights, Brake Lights)
Shocks and Suspension
Clutch replacement

We do not do body work or fix radios. If you have issues with either your radio or need body work we can advise you on you where to go to get these items repaired or replaced.